Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Temptations

Last weekend our stake had its Roadshows. Our ward's show was called "Happy Valley". We were all residents of Happy Valley, USA, where everyone is always so happy! But we are invaded by the Temptations who threaten to destroy all of our happiness.

These were my two favorite Temptations.

Nikita tried to tempt "Jimmy" (played by Andre) to "just sit and keep playing" his video game when I needed him to take out the trash.
Max tried to tempt "Kid 1" (played by Ivan) to smoke a cigarette, telling him: "You'll look stupid if you don't!"
Fortunately, my two younger ones chose to "Follow the Prophet", and the Temptations withered away.
And all was happy again in Happy Valley!


Julie said...

Cute temptations! I like their fake scowls - lol!

Austin said...

i'd be tempted to play video games if they made me. though, it doesn't take much to get me to play. :)

they look awesome! :)

Leesgirl said...

Okay your kids looked MUCH more
normal when you lived in SA lol.
See what happens when you move to
Utah lol =)~~~

Leesgirl said...

See ya move to Utah & your kids
turn goth... that'll teach ya lol.