Friday, February 12, 2010

Andre had an assignment to write a poem using all of his spelling words.
He was having a bad day.
This is his poem:

Bad Day
All day, one word echoes inside my head
"All your hopes are dead!"
I feel like my life is cut in halves.
My soul sings sad solos
While the leaves rustle below my feet.
I know what it's like to feel defeat.
My heroes call me zeroes.
I see dark clilffs and pale scarves
Around necks as dry as potatoes
And I hear sad songs from old pianos.
Folks' hate flows like lava from volcanoes.
Even the sheriffs shun me for days
Where the sun's rays are as red as tomatoes
And as low as the cellos
Or howls of the wolves.
No ratios or stereos play good from the studios
Or on the bookshelves.
Dear friend, to avoid thee
And believing yourselves
Or end up like calves.
His teacher said, "WOW!"
So did I.