Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Do you ever have one of those meals where you just can't stop eating? Or you made something so delicious for dinner that you start nibbling on it before anyone even knows dinner is ready yet? Well, I did tonight:

It's almost 10:00, and I'm still full. But macaroni and cheese is one of my all time favorites. But not just any blue-box variety. It has to be homemade, with some very interesting macaroni. Something fun to chew, like campanelle - little ruffled rolled cone shaped pasta. And it has to be JUICY! I like it very moist and very cheesy.
I have to make a huge pot because, unfortunately, my kids like it as much as I do. But, fortunately, I'm the mom and nobody can tell me I have to stop at thirds. (Or maybe that's unfortunate, seeing as I've probably put on 3 pounds in one sitting.)
Oh, and I think that the peach cobbler (thanks, Mandy!) sitting on top of the macaroni and cheese might be adding to this bloated-whale feeling.
Well, looks like it's a Slim-Fast and Curves day tomorrow! I have to prepare for November's can't-get-enough dish: candied sweet potatoes with marshmallows!
I wish I liked broccoli that much.
What can't you get enough of?


Austin said...

i can't get enough of pretty much anything tracie makes, her mac & cheese with chicken and broccoli is out of this world. i love her goulash, her baked ziti, her black bean soup, chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies, pretty much anything!

oh, and fro-yo.

and we always know we're going to eat well when we go over to your house! :)

lynette said...

i want this homemade mac and cheese recipe! just reading your post made me hungry! i can't seem to get enough of my dad's cornbread stuffing--divine!

Melanie said...

Carbs! I love carbs in every form... and my form shows it :0). Hey "They might be Giants" started playing as i checked out your blog. LOVE them! Had a cassette of their music for a long time (shows ya how long I have been loving them, do they still make cassettes?) I wonder what ever happened to it...

Mandy said...

I can't get enough of things that are bad for me including (but not limited to):

Fresh Bread and Butter
French Fries
Diet Coke
Cafe Rio

Wow, I'm hungry now. Have you ever tried the Mac&Cheese (shells with white cheddar) from Trader Joes? Just as cheap as Kraft, very fast, and SUPER tasty. Yum.

Also I can't get enough of the chicken rolls I made last night.