Wednesday, May 7, 2008



A new blog.

I hope you haven't given up looking.
Anyway, I just haven't felt any inspiration lately. It seems that all I could think about writing was negative because it seems like anything that was happening was negative. And anything good that's happened wasn't interesting enough to write about.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's felt that way. Like nothing is going right, everything is going wrong, and you're constantly trying to re-occupy your mind because otherwise it just keeps dwelling on the bad stuff and you become overwhelmed and helpless. (Please tell me I'm not!)

So, I decided that in order to make a more interesting and uplifting post, and to hopefully get a little lift myself, I would count my blessings!

So. . . OK:

I am so blessed to have a happy family. I have a husband who loves me, tolerates me, listens to me, supports me, and is my best friend. I have four beautiful, healthy, happy children. And, what do you know? They love me too! And they always want to be around me (even those two teenagers!) They are loving, affectionate, smart, kind, and very entertaining!

I am healthy. Even though some days I feel twenty years older than I really am (physically), I feel twenty years younger mentally (except for that memory problem). But all of those aches and pains could easily be remedied by a good exercise habit.

I have the Gospel. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and his plan for me and my family. I also have a husband who shares that with me and who I can always trust to be strong and faithful.

I have a home. Although it may not be my dream home, it fits our family, costs very little, and keeps us warm and safe. It's also surrounded by beautiful rose bushes that I can't wait to have bloom.

I have friends. Even though most don't live nearby anymore, just knowing they are there is important. I have so many memories of good times spent with so many wonderful friends. And knowing that helps assure me that there will be many more good times to come.

I have a job. And even though that actually counts as one of the negative things in my life, (because we need the income and I would much rather be home with my children and taking care of my own house) I am able to contribute to our income. I also have two wonderful bosses who appreciate what I do and treat me as a friend. I've also gotten to know some really neat people.

I have HOPE! This is the most important blessing, really. Because even though things do seem so hopeless at times, I know that as long as I am still alive and healthy, things can always improve. Life isn't over yet, and as long as I keep working to improve things, there is always hope that the things that I really want and need for my family will happen. I've seen it happen in other's lives, so I'm sure it can happen in mine.

Well, there now! Don't I feel better already!

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Mandy said...

I do know how you feel :) Thanks for the inspiration of counting blessings, it seems like an attitude shift is usually the answer for me too!