Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh, Baby!

We had a little guest in our home this weekend. . . a baby!
It was really Nikita's baby, though.
She was given a computerized doll for her "Adult Roles" class that is used to show kids what it is like to have a baby. The student is assigned the baby and has to care for it for the weekend. These dolls are incredibly sophisticated. The baby cries, burps, coos and even screams. It is up to the student to figure out what the baby needs and fill that need. Nikita was given a bracelet with a sensor in it that identifies her as the "caregiver". Everything the baby experiences is recorded and the info is then downloaded by the teacher. Response time, how long the baby cried, if it's head was ever moved in an un-safe manner, everything.
Nikita had been so excited about bringing the baby home. She couldn't wait for this wonderful opportunity. She was so attentive to it all day and was very careful about letting the boys hold her baby. But then, . . . . .
Around 1:00 in the morning after the first night, she actually came in and woke me up.
"Mom, could you take this thing for me? It's woken me up twice already. I'm not getting the sleep that I need!"
I really had to stifle a laugh.
I still can remember the very first night at home with Nikita. She had been so quiet all day. I can still remember that heart-pounding sudden awakening and wondering what that noise coming from the other room was. Then the sudden realization that the screaming was coming from MY baby and that it was screaming for ME!
Anyway, needless to say, it was a very eye-opening, educational weekend for her. And a great reminder for me that my next child will be a grandchild!


Austin said...

man, things have changed. I brought home an EGG one time as my baby. Now they have super intelligent robots bent on taking over the world! much like real babies! the only difference is these uber-baby robots seem likely to do it!

Leesgirl said...

Hiya granny lol

Mandy said...

That is hilarious. Maybe I should get a fake baby before we get a real one....

Leesgirl said...

I wanta know if it poops and
throws up lol. Cindy