Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cleaning House

So, apparently I wasted the lives of three families today.
And. . . I got paid for it, too!

My life, however, is not the least bit wasted.


Austin said...

No, it's not! :)

I read somewhere once that dull people have immaculate homes, so you're just helping them be more dull while you stay as fun as ever!

Btw, we had a lot of fun on Sunday, thanks so much for having us over!

JanB said...

You're very welcome!
You guys are part of why we love being in Utah!

Leesgirl said...

Thanks for leaving a message on
my blog Jan =) You sure you
dont wanta come here and clean
MY house lol? By the way I want
some pics of the inside of your
home!!! Im anxious to see what
you've done. Miss ya, Cindy