Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Twins

(Overheard in the bathroom):

Andre: Ivan, you look nothing like me, but when I look at pictures of us, I just see two of me.

Ivan: That's funny. . . I always see two of me.


JimB said...

When I look at them they look like me...WOW three of me.


Austin said...

now THAT'S scary! ;)

Maybe you could just start calling them Andrivan or Ivandre.

JanB said...

Ivandre seems to be the most common name for them. Also, since their nicknames are SweetPea (Ivan) and Peanut (Andre), they are usually called SweetPeanut. (But don't let them know that you know their nicknames, they don't like that to be public knowledge.)

Austin said...

well, i'm not public, i'm family! but i'll try my best to contain myself. But if I fail, my childhood nickname I'm embarrassed about/love is Sugar Plum. So, if I slip, then they have some ammunition! ;)

Leesgirl said...

Okay when Im mad at Emile I call
him "big nose" lol =)~~

Julie said...

Such a cute statement and so charming! Tell Ivandre that Brigham says "Hi!" We miss you guys too!