Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What If???

What if. . . . .
You're home with your daughter. . .
You're in the bathroom and you hear the dog barking at the door. . .
You hear your daughter say, "Sir, you can't come in here!
Sir, you have to leave, You need to leave NOW!"
You hear the dog barking frantically. . .
You open the bathroom door to see what's going on. . .
You see a strange man look at you as he walks down the hallway. . .
You run out of the bathroom (and you're not finished yet). . .
And find the strange man standing in your daughter's bedroom. . .
Looking very lost and confused???

Well, I could (almost) immediately tell that he was someone (probably suffering from dimentia) who had wandered away from home.
I walked him into the living room and sat him down, then calmed Nikita down and reassured her that he was harmless. I called 911, and they sent a police officer.
While we waited, I asked him his name and address, but was unable to find either in the phone book.
After the officer came and asked him a few questions and went out to his car to run a check on him, it occured to me to ask: "Do you live with a lot of other people?"
He said: "Yes, SpanishForkNursingHome" (very quickly.)
I should have thought of that first, knowing that the nursing home is only a few blocks away.
So we told the officer, who then called and confirmed that Bob Mason had indeed gone AWOL.
I said to Mr. Mason: "You snuck out, didn't you?"
He replied: "I certanily did."
So, he was safely escorted out of our home, and to his own, by the nice police officer.
"You be good, Bob", I said as they left.
"Nice teeth", he said to me.
(He had none of his own.)

When it was all over, all of the other "What ifs" came to mind:
What if. . .?
. . .I had been in the shower?
. . .Nikita had been home alone?
. . .Andre & Ivan had been home alone?
. . .Nikita and I were downstairs watching a movie and didn't know the guy was there until he fell
down the stairs?
. . .the guy had been a drug addict?
. . .the guy was a burglar?
. . .with a weapon?

The list could go on and on.
I mentioned some of them to Nikita, but she told me to stop because I was scaring her and she started to cry.
So now we need to have a sit-down with all of the kids, because you never know what kinds of things can happen when you're home alone, and the door is unlocked.


lynette said...

Oh my gosh! So scary... but then, sad!

Leesgirl said...

Two suggestions, keep the doors
lock AND make an occasional
visit to your elderly intruder.
Lucky for you he wasnt a bad
guy and lucky for him nobody
panicked and shot him. This could
have been a very sad story on
your evening news. By the way
Jan you handled it wonderfully,
you didnt panic =) Bravo!

Austin said...

yeah. I'm glad and grateful that story had a funny ending.

but most stories with old people escaping from the old folks home usually DO end that way!

i see now why you didn't want to tell me in person!