Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last night Nikita and I saw THE MOVIE.
You do things for your children that you wouldn't otherwise do.
I would have seen the movie, eventually. But I would not have stood in line for an hour and a half in a hot theater lobby surrounded by teenagers if Nikita hadn't gotten $5 tickets for a special Spanish Fork High School viewing of the movie.

However, I did like the movie. But I think that all the teenage girls liked it a bit more than I did. I am not the least bit in love with Edward, or any other character in the story. In fact, I think the best looking guy was Bella's father, Charlie. I was put off by the super pale skin and too-red lips on the Cullen males. I actually laughed out loud when his "father", Carlisle first appeared on the screen. I actually expected Bella to be shocked at his white face and make some kind of comment. He was definietly overdone.

But Nikita loved it and thought it ended way too soon. We'll be seeing the second one whenever it comes out, but not on opening weekend.


Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

your a good mom! :)

Leesgirl said...

Yeah first it was Barney or whoever
was popular 18 years ago and now its
hot pale guys lol =)~~~

Gaylynne said...

Have you read the books?? Everyone I know has & loves them - I haven't yet read them - but I guess I should...