Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spoke Too Soon

It seems I may have given the impression that the car situation is fixed.
I suppose that's because I actually believed that it was!
This morning, while already running late-ish to church, I go out the door and see Jim hooking the jumper cables up to the car - again.
So we took both cars to church so that he could jump-start me again after church (we can't all fit in his pickup.)
Long story short: The dying alternator drained all of the power from the battery.
So, I get to take Jim to work at 4:00 in the morning so that I can have his truck to pick up a new battery for the van tomorrow.
Then I get to change my very first car battery.
What a good automotive education I am getting!
I hope I don't do it incorrectly:


Bob Scuba said...

Some car part stores will test your battery and change it out for free (take your old battery). Call around before you do that messy job. Get it jumped and drive it to Wal-Mart Auto department worst case, they will be cheaper. Need a little help please let me know.

JanB said...

Thanks, Bob.
Jim fixed it last night, and it's all good now - Finally!