Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today, I've been married to my best friend for 20 years.
It seems like just yesterday we were on our honeymoon. I remember wanting to get home and start living our life. . . . .

What was I thinking???
I wish I was still there in Palm Springs, lounging by the pool, shopping, staying in. . .

No, honestly, I wouldn't trade the family we have now for all the lounging, swimming and shopping in the world.

I remember also daydreaming ahead 20 years and wondering what our life would be like. I must say, our life is nothing like I'd imagined. Many things that we wanted to happen, didn't. And many things that we couldn't have wished for, did.

It's been quite a ride. A bit like a rollercoaster, really.
I LOVE rollercoasters!

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next 20 years, but I'm not going to wish away today.


Leesgirl said...

Okay this is weird because honestly
just last night I was thinking ya'll
had been married about 20 years.
Nikita being 18 now was what brought
it to mind, it reminded me of how
long I've known you =)Congrats!

Tracie said...

Happy anniversary to you two! Wishing you another 20 years of happiness!

Austin said...

congrats! i can't believe i was 6 years old when you got married and i still remember it!

best wishes for the next 20 years!