Friday, October 31, 2008


So, we have: A Hippie (not Jack Sparrow!), A punk schoolgirl, A scarecrow, and Indiana Jones.

Ivan is the hippie and Andre is Indana (for those who can't tell them apart.)
Andre & Ivan are enjoying their spoils, even as I'm posting this.
How was your Halloween?


Heather said...

Your kids are so grown up!!! Our Halloween was good. I stayed home due to my burn and handed out candy. Buddy took the kids out. Fun times were had by all.

Leesgirl said...

I handed out candy for a couple of
hours, stopped when we were trying
to get Marcel settled because Elsie
was barking at the lil darlings & I
knew her big voice would keep
Marcel awake. So long story short
we have plenty of left over candy.

Mandy said...

I love the Halloween costumes! It looks like you had a great time creating the costumes and then trick or treating together. We sure miss you guys and hope to be able to see you soon!!

Tracie said...

Great costumes for everybody! Isn't Halloween fun? (My own post on Halloween to come.)

Andrea said...

Every body looks great! I love halloween. Is it freakish that it's my favorite holiday? I know I'm supposed to like Christmas better, but what can I say... I'm a heathen.

Austin said...

halloween costumes galore!

thanks for letting me use the sword, it was the best part of my costume.

i especially like max's costume, the noose makes him look like hooded justice.

Morse family said...

aweee how cute Michael was Indiana this year too. alyssa was an Indian and parker was a Pumpkin..

Gaylynne said...

Your kids look so cute in their costumes :)