Saturday, October 18, 2008


There is nothing quite so sweet as making your kids do something that they don't want to do, but that you know they will love once they do it.
That happened on Saturday.
There is an amazing spot just above Provo called Rock Canyon. I've been wanting to go up there before fall was over and all of the color disappeared.
Saturday was the perfect day!
I dragged the kids up there with me. I knew they would appreciate it once they got up there. I must say, the trip was worth all of their panting and whining.

After all that climbing, we went just down the hill to Rock Canyon Park and had a really nice picnic. After we ate, the kids thought it would be fun to roll down the soft grassy hill. But then some other people showed up who planned on doing some ice-blocking.
Apparently they were very generous people. They asked the kids if they had ever tried it before - we hadn't. So they let us use a couple of their ice blocks and we all gave it a try.

But they still did a little rolling, too!
And as we were heading back up the hill to go home (and just after I turned the camera off) a gorgeous deer dashed out of the bushes, flew down the hill and bounded across the field.
It was really amazing to watch.
After the deer disappeared, it was declared that today had been one of "the best days ever!"


Heather said...

We used to go ice blocking in college. So much fun. What a great day. The area looks absolutely beautiful.

Tracie said...

This does look and sound like a great day. Ah iceblocking...haven't done that in years. ;)

Andrea said...

That looks like it was so much fun! By the way, Southridge farms is in Santaquin. 2nd Santaquin exit- go to the big red barn that's just off the freeway. But, they are only open to the public Monday and Friday from like 3-7 or something like that. $2.00 for adults to hayride, 1.50 for kids 10and under. The pumpkins start at $1. Ours were like $,$3, &$2.

Bob Scuba said...

What a wonderful family you have there Jim and Jan. Glad I found this post.