Sunday, October 5, 2008

Have a Seat?

Our house is pretty small, but it's saving grace is the fairly large family room downstairs in the basement. This is where we hang out to watch movies as a family. It's also a lot more comfortable than sitting on a chair in the kitchen to watch the little 13" T.V.
Until now.
We had a cozy little set-up downstairs. There was a large comfortable futon, a really comfy and fun "sky chair" hanging from the ceiling in the corner, and two Jim-and-I-can-fit-in-them bean bag chairs.
Well, Saturday afternoon, while watching General Conference, Jim and I were dropped onto the floor when the futon frame snapped underneath us. So we took it apart and folded the mattress against the wall to use as a "pseudo" couch. It isn't nearly as comfortable sitting on the mattress at a full 90 degree angle, but it serves a purpose.
Then last night while everyone was watching a movie, the sky chair suddenly let go of the ceiling and dropped Max onto the floor. Scared him!
Now we're just waiting for the bean bag chairs to burst and leave us completely seatless!
Maybe we should all just take up Yoga!


Austin said...

i'm sorry! that's no fun at all! (kind of funny though) hope you can find somewhere new to park soon!

Austin said...

You've been TAGGED! Mwahahaha! See my blog for details.

Leesgirl said...

Remember that nice BIG house in
San Antonio mmmm? Hey maybe you
have ghosts booooo

Andrea said...

Somebody is trying to tell you something................ The world is coming to your ends =o)

I loved the story you shared about Nikita. I think from now on I will keep my purse stuffed with marshmallows. That way, any time my kids open their mouths in public, I can shove one in.