Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ivan and Andre entered the science fair. Their experiment was to see if you could cook a meal on the car's engine.They wrapped up a hot dog and some tater tots tightly in tin foil. Jim put it down in against the manifold.

Then they took a drive.

After about a half hour, dinner was cooked and ready to eat!


They took 4th place! Now they get to go on to the district level!

That was pretty good, considering we weren't even expecting to win. They were just in it for the fun of it.


Heather said...

Great Job!!! I always sucked at science fair projects!!!

Andrea said...

So creative!!! AND, now I know that I can have Hyrum cook dinner for us on the way home from work =o)

I miss you, too! As to the new ward, we are starting to make friends, but let's put it this way...the last several weeks in relief society have been focused on the fact that everyone needs to be nice to eachother so people will stop going inactive from our ward. It's a tough crowd, but people are trying to be friendlier now =o) I really miss 12th ward. We definitely don't get the family feeling in this ward yet. There are a handful of us 'newbies' that have decided that it will have to be on us to get everyone to break down the walls and rely on eachother.

brooke said...

Good job boys. Anna has her science fair in a couple of weeks and is doing hers on it omitting an ingredient changes the taste of a cookie. We've made lots of cookies lately.