Saturday, August 9, 2008

My friend Simy Gartz and her husband Andy just opened their own restaurant yesterday.
They make an interesting variety of sandwiches, salads and noodle dishes, and also some fantastic chocolate tarts and creme brule - all homemade.
My new favorite dish is their lamb noodle bowl.
Anyone who is within driving distance of Provo (Austin & Tracie), and anyone who may come here in the future, has got to check it out. The food is fantastic. Not like you'd find anywhere else.
We'll be going back again very soon!
Look them up at


Leesgirl said...

You ate a poor lil lamb?
Cows are big and goofy and
full grown, you ate a lamn?,
see what Utah has done to you
lol =)~~~

Tracie said...

Cool. We'll have to check it out. Austin and I love trying new places.

Austin said...

we'll check it out.

since you know them, the meal is comped, right? ;)

JanB said...

Well, WE had to pay!