Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pruning Roses

This is how I've been spending my sunny afternoons - pruning roses.

Our yard has about a dozen rose bushes that were really beautiful when we moved in last summer. But after this winter, they looked completely dead - just prickly sticks with crispy brown leaves.

But when I looked closely at them, I could see tiny little red bumps popping out of the stems. These were going to become baby leaves and beautiful new roses. So I've been clipping off the dead stuff to make room for the new growth.

Every spring I am amazed again and again how living things that appeared so dead become alive and new again. Watching this continuous cycle of re-birth fills me with so much joy and hope. It makes me remember that no matter how bleak things may seem at times, there is always hope and the opportunity for new growth.

Every day is a new day!

I love Spring!!!

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