Wednesday, March 12, 2008


See these little guys? They're bad news. They've taken up residence in my children. They are the streptococcus bugs. As I write this, they are causing great pain and discomfort for my Max. He's on antibiotocs now, but they haven't seemed to have kicked in yet. (I'm tempted to feed them to him like candy, but I'm sure they'll start taking effect soon.)
But, Good News! - I got a day off of work to be with him.
Now, if I could just see those little blue creeps, I could keep them away from me!


Mandy said...

You guys have a blog!!!! How fun! Sorry that there is strep in your house, we had that and the flu this year...hopefully with spring coming no one else will get sick.

Austin said...

sorry to hear that. hope max gets better soon and no one else gets it. those little blue guys look nasty.

i was just telling tracie i wanted to go see you guys soon, but looks like you already have some guests, we'll come over soon when there's room for us! ;)

lynette said...

Yay, you have a blog!
Boo, your kids have strep.
Get well soon!