Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sad Celebrity News

I just heard the saddest thing. . . . .

My very first celebrity crush (well, second, if you count Dennis the Menace) is dying of cancer.

Apparently he's been suffering from pancreatic cancer and has had chemotherapy treatments, but his doctors give him a very little time left to live.

I'm so sad about this.

And of all of the celebrities I have loved, from Garth Brooks to Taylor Hicks, he's the one I've been closest to.

He used to live down the street from Jim's brother, David. I've actually seen him a few times on the street, and he would wave to us. He was very friendly. Vera and I used to call him "Pat", as if we knew him so well.

I remember one time one of his peacocks came down the street into Vera's yard. Jim's sister Kerri, Vera, and I were in the yard and noticed the peacock walking around Kerri's brand new car. Then we heard a loud and strange "Bang! Bang! Bang!" sound on metal. We went around the other side of the car, and there was "Pat's" peacock attacking it's own reflection on Kerri's new car!

We screamed at it go get away, and noticed some lovely new scratches on the car. We decided to inform the neighbor about their delinquent pet, so we went to the intercom in front of their gate and Kerri told (apparently) the housekeeper (in Spanish) what had happened.

Well, then Mrs. Swayze (Lisa Neimi) came on and said they would be right out to look at it.

Well, then suddenly, the three of of became very aware of what we looked like and considered the fact that we just might meet Patrick Swayze! I know I suddenly became very nervous! I was already planning the story I would tell later to anyone who would have listened.

But, when the gate opened, we were devastated to see only his wife and one of their assistants.
She was very courteous and offered to have one her "people" fix it at no charge to Kerri.

So. . . as many times as I've seen him on the steet, in passing, I never did get to meet him.

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Austin said...

why do you need a pet peacock anyway? so you won't be the most vain creature at your house/ranch?

poor pat. cancer isn't something i'd wish on anyone, least of all your celebrity crush. but, we all gotta go, the only question is when and how.

at least he can count himself lucky that he wasn't mauled to death by one of his angry attack peacocks.