Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Friends

A few of my old girlfriends from Washington now live here in Utah, but too far away to see very often. A couple of them came down to Provo for the BYU Women's Conference. I didn't get to go to the conference because I had to work, but my work was in Provo today. We all got to get together for lunch, though, at my friend Simy and her husband Andy's restaurant, "Dew". (She and her husband are on the right.) We didn't have much time together, but it was really awesome to be together for a little while.

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Andrea said...

Speaking of not having much time together =o) I too, enjoyed our parking lot encounter. As for posting more pics of the house, I would love to, but currently have no camera with which to take more. I haven't really made any more progress, either- other than a new throw rug and some pictures that I hung of the kids in the front room. I suppose you will have to just come and visit! We miss you guys!