Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Have you ever gotten a case of the giggles that you just couldn't control? Over something that was not only not-funny, but also inappropriate?

My Max is such a good and reverent boy during Sacrament meeting, that is, while he's passing the Sacrament. But he often gets a bit distracting afterwords and bothers whoever he's sitting next to, usually Nikita. But last Sunday I let him sit next to me. That was a mistake!

As I'm listening to the speaker, who has a direct line of sight to me because I am sitting right in the center with nobody in front of me, Max leans over to me and quietly whispers into my ear: "fecal matter".

Now just because I'm laughing, doesn't mean something is funny. But I just about busted up out loud! I started giggling so hard that I immediately had tears streaming from my eyes. I had my hands over my face, but my shoulders were shaking so much that anyone who saw me could tell that something was going on. I quickly had Nikita switch spots with me so I could get away from Max who kept repeating his inappropriate phrase in my ear, making it even harder for me to keep from snorting out loud.

When Nikita saw my face, she said, "Are you crying?"

Then when I scooted next to Andre who was on her other side, he asked if I was crying, too. I shook my head, but I'm sure he wasn't convinced.

It was probably a full 5 minutes before I could put my hand down from my face. I forced myself to keep my eyes averted from the pulpit where I just knew that the entire Bishopric was staring down disapprovingly at me.

And even then, every once in a while, throughout the rest of the meeting, I would start up again.

You know that analogy that your mind is like a stage and that you can't have both good and bad thoughts at the same time? It's a LIE! Even during the closing song, I had to occasionally bite my lips shut to keep the grin and then the giggle from sneaking out.

So, Max is now grounded from sitting by me at church for a while. I've banished him to the far side of Jim where he can't bother anybody. Jim would sleep right through it!


lynette said...

My younger sister came to visit Ammon and I in our married student ward once. As the first speaker stood up to the podium, she whispered in my ear, "He looks like an alien!" I looked up and immediately burst out in silent laughter. I was crying and shaking. I felt so bad because I could not stop! The thing is, that guy really did have an alien shaped head.

Tracie said...

Lol. Yep, I have gotten the giggles at several inappropriate moments, including at church. I doubt the bishopric judges. They'd just be jealous that they can never get the giggles as they have to "set the example." (Plus they're on display for all to see.)

I like to make faces when people I know well are on the stand. It's fun to watch them try not to respond.

Heather said...

Tee hee hee!! Been there done that only usually it is my husband who gets me started!!!

brooke said...

My David would say Max is a man after his own heart. Way to go Max! Just goes to show why it is smarter to sit on the side where no one can really see you from the stand.

Andrea said...

HEHEHE! You have to admit...that's some funny crap.

The cases of the giggles usually happen to me during prayers...it's the worst!!!! I usually end up with a headache from trying to hold in the laughter. The hardest part is trying to explain to other people why it was funny....it just was.

Leesgirl said...

At least he didnt say s*** lol