Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Not Fair!

Life just isn't fair, is it?
But how do you explain that to a child who has to go to school when his brothers get to stay home sick?
My kids don't get sick very often, but when they do, it's usually just a fever and a headache. It only happens about once a year, in the winter.
Andre & Ivan have been asking me when they were going to get their "yearly fever"? They'd gotten back into the school routine after the Christmas break and were already getting tired of it. They were ready for a sick day.
Well, sometimes you get what you want, but not when you want it.
Ivan woke up last week with a fever. He was so happy! Until he remembered that there was a birthday party after school that day. They'd been looking forward to it all week.
It looked like Andre was going to get to go without him.....No Fair!
Well, that had a happy ending. I kept giving him Advil, and his fever was down when it was time for the party. He got to go. Crisis averted.
The next day, Andre got a fever of his own. Then, of course, Ivan had to check his temperature because he wasn't ready to go back to school.
Well, Hallelujah! He still had a fever, although a low one. They were both happy that they could stay home together, since I had to work that day.
Well, of course, the weekend came and went without any thought of a fever.
Now, today, Monday...
Max woke up with a sore throat. Could be strep (he gets it about once a year). Better keep him home and have the doctor look at it.
Ivan and Andre get up. Ivan has a sore throat, and it is very red. Better take him in with Max.
But...Andre, the poor thing, is fine.
No fever, no sore throat, nothing!
He'll have to go to school all by himself.
It's not FAIR!
I had to practically drag him out the door this morning.
Now Max...
He found out that Andre & Ivan got McDonalds for lunch when they were home on Friday.
"What's for lunch? Where are you taking us to?"
I told him that was only because there was nothing at home for lunch since I hadn't gone to the store yet, I'd gotten a $20 tip, and it was on the way home.
"That's not FAIR!"
Yeah, I know. That's life.


Melanie said...

Hey, Jonathan is home sick today. Aaron is NOT happy :-).

Leesgirl said...

Okay Elsie has gas.... NOT FAIR,
nothin' worse than dog farts ewww.

Tracie said...

Sorry the boys are sick. Hope they get better soon. (unless they don't want to ;) )

Heather said...

Ah the joys of motherhood!!! I hope everyone gets feeling better however, I hope even more that mom doesn't get it. Stay healthy missy!!!

Anonymous said...

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