Friday, February 29, 2008

What's in a Name?

Ooh, Guess What?
I found my original first post! I didn't lose it after all! It got saved as a draft.
I probably could have read that in the "Help" section somewhere, but I prefer to learn as I go.
So, here it is:

Well, everyone else is doing this and it looks like fun. I know I'm very entertained by other people's blogs, so let's see if I can be, at the very least, slightly interesting.

So, to begin. . . . I'll explain the title of this blog (which I agonized over). I actually considered giving up on the whole idea when confronted with the responsibility of naming this. But unlike the committment of naming a child (which I've pulled off successfully four times) I can always (I hope) change the name if anyone on the blog playground teases me about it.

Since my own indivudual life isn't just about me, but actually revolves around my husband, Jim, and our four children, it is very likely that most of my posts will be about them.
So. . . . . instead of just lising all of their names in the title, I've listed everyone's initials:

Jan - Jim

Andre - Ivan

Nikita - Max

So, you see. . . . JAN and JIM aren't just me and my husband, but all of us!

And, of course, that means that I am officially through having children because that would only mess up the whole system.
By the way, we did not plan this "name thing". My sister was actually the one to point it out shortly after Andre and Ivan were born.
And I apologize to anyone who has already heard this story, but it gave me a way to start out my blog.

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Austin said...

that is really cool! i never realized that!